Aoi was the former and first Master of the Mononokean before Haruitsuki Abeno.


Yōkai Form

In Aoi's yōkai form, Aoi takes the form of a small black cat.[1]

Human Form

Aoi's human form is yet to be revealed. Aoi is revealed to be female as Haruitsuki refers to Aoi as a "her".


According to Shihō, yōkai naturally gather around Aoi, much like Hanae.[2]


Aoi was the first Master of the Mononokean and hired Sakae Ashiya as a secret employee. At some point after this, the two were in a mission together where Aoi watched Sakae die.[3]

When Haruitsuki was young, Aoi saved him from a yōkai that was attacking him. Since then, Aoi has taken a liking to the boy and hired him to work for the Mononokean.[4]

Sometime before the start of the series, Aoi died and left the mastership of the Mononokean to Haruitsuki.



According to Shihō, if she were not dead, Aoi's skills and strength was enough for her to be the next in line to the throne of the Princess.


Aoi can transform into another person's appearance as shown when Aoi disguised as Sakae to check up on the latter's family.[5]


Aoi has the ability to appear visible to humans who normally can't see yōkai.[5]



Aoi was the Mononokean's first master and being the master, they shared significant time at work together.

Haruitsuki Abeno

Aoi became Haruitsuki's employer when Haruitsuki was at a very young age. The two had a close relationship as Haruitsuki still carries guilt for Aoi's death.[6]

Sakae Ashiya

Sakae Ashiya secretly worked for Aoi as an exorcist. Sakae is symbolized as a cat in Aoi's work reports.[5]



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