If you don't come back, like he never did...I'll never forgive you.

Chisa Ashiya ( (あし) () () () , Ashiya Chisa) is the older sister of Hanae Ashiya and the first child of Sakae and Nara.


She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is shorter than Hanae. She wears a light mint green full-sleeved top with a dark coloured pencil skirt.


She is a cheerful person who dotes on her younger brother.



After receiving news of her mother's admission to a hospital, she comes home to find the door to their house left unlocked and a few minutes upon her arrival she finds Hanae lying on the floor. Panicked that he was going to die, she performed chest compressions on him which proved to be futile and nearly proceeded to perform CPR on him until Hanae pushed her face away from his. A bit annoyed by the encounter, Hanae chided her for her hasty reaction and not giving him a closer look.

Then Hanae's sister makes him some omelette rice as an apology. As they eat, Hanae asks her for more ketchup. When she goes to get some, Hanae feeds Aranaki which helped it to revert to it's original size.

Hanae asks his sister a question about his father's behavior, to which she gets annoyed and refuses to answer it. Hanae apologizes as he goes to wash the dishes. Then Hanae's sister reveals about Sakae's behavior, which confirmed Hanae's theories about his father's ability to see yōkai. He thanks her for the information and heads out to see Haruitsuki. Hanae's sister says to herself that she'll never forgive Hanae if he abandons her like their father did.


Hanae Ashiya

She is a doting sister towards Hanae.

Sakae Ashiya

She has a certain resentment towards her father as she believes that he abandoned his family.


  • "I don't want to talk about a man who abandoned his family."


  • She frequently hangs out and drinks with her friends, according to Hanae's mother.
  • She used to have raven-coloured hair like her mother and Hanae when she was a kid.



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