Gyōsei (行政 (ぎょうせい) , lit. Executive) is the Executive of the Underworld, currently residing in the Bird Cage. As the Executive, he is one of the three most influential yōkai in the Underworld, alongside Rippō and Shihō.


Gyōsei has light colored hair that is slicked back and dons a traditional Chinese long gown outfit, similar to a Jao Kan. He also wears a black shirt underneath and black pants with black gloves.

As a yōkai, he takes on the appearance of a huge black crow.


Not much is known about his personality, however, he hates humans and sees Hanae as a threat to the Underworld. He is also ruthless to humans as he transforms into his true yōkai form and refuses to revert to his human form even when Hanae was clearly suffocating. Shihō also says that when the former asks Gyōsei to come over, he rejects saying he is busy, giving Hanae the impression that he is a shut-in.

When Haruitsuki was at a very young age, Gyōsei becomes his tutor and taught him about the Underworld. Even though he hated humans, he obliged to do so as he also found Haruitsuki to be a fast and meticulous learner.


As the Executive, he has a huge influence over the underworld.


He is able to take on a human form but is also able to transform into his true form at will.


Just being in his true form, he was able to suffocate Hanae who was nearby.

Unknown ability

He is able to paralyze and suffocate others just by touching them as shown in [1]


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