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Fuzzy ExorcismBig Boss Scree ExorcismIntroduction of Zenko FujiwaraThe UnderworldThe LegislatorManjirou ExorcismIntroduction of YahikoPrincess Anmo and Jomatsu ExorcismSpiky ExorcismNobou ExorcismHanae's Sight RestorationThe Legislator's EmergencyEgen's ObservationKinako's ExorcismThe JusticeThe ExecutiveYōkai-Sensing Ability TrainingThe WagerKeshi ExorcismOisuke ExorcismMorohaku's ForestThe Mystery of Sakae AshiyaThe InvestigationThe Mystery of AoiThe Return of Sakae AshiyaThe Princess of the UnderworldThe Ghost PhotoTōgen Hot SpringsThe Truth of Sakae Ashiya


Not much is known about his past except for that he wanted his mother to know that he wanted to take over the family flower shop but his mother turned him down. Hanae realized that his his mother wanted him to decide what he wants to in his life later on.

It is implied that he has not always been able to see yōkai, as in Chapter 1, Hanae says "Yōkai and spirits are imaginary characters. They don't actually exist. Until the week before I started high school... that's what I believed." It can be assumed that he recently got the ability to see yōkai when he first met Fuzzy.


Fuzzy Exorcism

Main Article: The Beginning

Hanae Ashiya struggles to go to his high school due to suffering from an unknown illness. He guesses that his illness is caused by the creature riding on his shoulders and that the creature is surely a yōkai. He manages to reach his high school's gate before he finally collapses. He wakes up in the nurses office, for the seventh time, and despairs at the thought of not being able to make friends anymore. He blames his misfortune to his encounter with the creature.

Big Boss Scree Exorcism

Main Articles: The Ant, The Roots

Introduction of Zenko Fujiwara

Main Articles: The Three Faces, Zenko, The Daughter

The Underworld

Main Articles: The Rules, Kiyaku, The False Charge

The Legislator

Main Articles: Authority, The Legislative Lake

Manjirou Exorcism

Main Articles: The Ring, The Barrier

Introduction of Yahiko

Main Articles: The Encounter, The Game, The Willfulness

Princess Anmo and Jomatsu Exorcism

Main Articles: The Road, The Wait

Spiky Exorcism

Main Article: The Marked Difference

Nobou Exorcism

Main Articles: The Stench, The Smoke, The Fool

Hanae's Sight Restoration

Main Articles: The Purple Sun, Floating Butterbur, The Measure

The Legislator's Emergency

Main Articles: The Limb Screen, The Tail, Revitalization

Egen's Observation

Main Articles: Greetings, Farewells

Kinako Exorcism

Main Articles: The Mortar, The Pestle

The Justice

Main Articles: The Tiger, The Tiger

The Executive

Main Articles: The Three Officials, The Abyss

Yōkai-Sensing Ability Training

Main Articles: The Skin, The Seedling, The Dabbler

The Wager

Main Articles: The Scheme, The Red Master

Keshi Exorcism

Main Articles: The Tremor, The Removal

Oisuke Exorcism

Main Articles: The Scratch, The Howl

Morohaku's Forest

Main Articles: The Delivery, The Drunken Spring

The Mystery of Sakae Ashiya

Main Articles: The Shadow, The Cracked Egg

The Investigation

Main Articles: The Messenger, The Picture

The Mystery of Aoi

Main Articles: The Fall, The Return

The Return of Sakae Ashiya

Main Articles: The Cobweb, The Spider, The Silence, The Hidden Bud, The Falling Blossoms

The Princess of the Underworld

Main Articles: The Report, The Secret Sprout, The Secret Seed, The Detour, The Strange Road

The Ghost Photo

Main Articles: The Instant Closing, The Memory, The Move

Tōgen Hot Springs

Main Articles: Soothing Waters, Melting Snow

Hanae comes with Haruitsuki, Fuzzy, Yahiko, and Okina to a hot springs ran by a yōkai for yōkai in the mountains. There, they meet Tōgen, the yōkai who runs the hot springs. Tōgen mistakes Hanae for Sakae Ashiya. Surprised to hear of Tōgen's connection with Sakae, Haruitsuki asks for the details of their meeting. Tōgen reveals that Sakae saved Tōgen before, which surprises Hanae. Hanae gets a bit relieved after knowing that Sakae did not hate all yōkai and even once saved one.

The Truth of Sakae Ashiya

Main Articles: The Letter
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