Kōra (コウラ (こうら) , Kōra) is the Master of the Kiyakudo, an Underworld medicine shop.


Koura has dark green hair and red eyes. She ties her hair in a ponytail with a hairpin, wears red lipstick and red nail polish, there are also three red dots beneath her right eye. She dons a dark green kimono with floral patterns with a light green sash with circular patterns. She wears black socks and sandals. She usually has a seductive look.

Koura's concept art


Koura seems to be quite seductive and compliments people, for example, Haruitsuki's eyes, Hanae's ears and Rippō's deep voice, only for her to say that they will make good ingredients for making medicine. She seems to be obsessed in making medicine.



Koura is able to transform into a human.


As the master of the Kiyakudo, Koura is well versed in mixing and researching Underworld medicine.


  • Koura tends to go into a state of elation when she sees something that might make good medicine.
  • Koura likes things that might make good medicine while she dislikes business that has nothing to do with medicine research and miscellaneous duties.


"You seem more like yourself with your tail, Shizuku. I like it." to Shizuku in Chapter 8


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