This is a list of episodes in the Fukigen na Mononokean anime. The series premiered on June 28, 2016, and it is broadcast on AT-X, Tokyo MX, Yomiuri TV, Chukyo TV, and BS11. The second season, entitled Fukigen na Mononokean Tsuzuki premiered on January 5, 2019

List of Episodes

Season 1

Episode No. Title Original Airdate
01 "The Beginning" June 28, 2016
The Beginning
Hanae Ashiya goes shopping for his mother and all of a sudden meets a yōkai in the street that gets attached to him. For desperate help he calls Haruitsuki Abeno.
02 "The Ant" July 5, 2016
The Ant
Hanae goes on a food errand for Haruitsuki and on his way on his errand he saves a girl from a yōkai. This will later lead to Hanae's abduction.
03 "Zenko" July 12, 2016
Zenko Ep
Hanae Ashiya goes on his first solo job that involves recovering a mask owned by a yōkai who dropped it during his exorcism. On the job, Hanae meets a skeptical girl who accuses him of being a thief.
04 "The Underworld" July 19, 2016
The Underworld
Hanae gets to go to the Underworld and while being there he meets with another misunderstanding.
05 "The Legislative Lake" July 26, 2016
The Legislative Lake
Hanae meets Rippō, the Legislator, for the first time and Rippō will decide if Hanae is up to the task of being an employee for the Mononokean.
06 "The Ring" August 3, 2016
The Ring
Hanae gets another job and this time it is about finding a ring in the lake. Hanae will reveal his hidden talent.
07 "The Encounter" August 10, 2016
The Encounter
Zenko Fujiwara has gotten a strange mark on her arm and the only way to make it go away is to play hide-and-seek with the fox spirit Yahiko.
08 "The Wait" August 17, 2016
The Wait
After getting Yahiko's mark away from Zenko, Hanae meets a new yōkai who wants his help and he have to figure it out without Haruitsuki's help.
09 "The Marked Difference" August 24, 2016
The Marked Difference
Hanae and Haruitsuki go on another job but this time the client is a human.
10 "The Fool" August 31, 2016
The Fool
Hanae and Haruitsuki must solve the reason why Yahiko has become so large that he got stuck.
11 "The Purple Sun" September 7, 2016
The Purple Sun
Hanae meets a yōkai who can't see without borrowing the sight from a human who can see yōkai, what will Hanae do?
12 "The Separation" September 14, 2016
The Separation
Hanae still isn't able to see yōkai, this causes every yōkai Hanae has met to try and find Tomori so that Haruitsuki can talk to her about Hanae's problem.
13 "The End" September 21, 2016
The End
Yahiko plays a prank on Hanae which might solve all of Hanae's problems.

Season 2

Episode No. Title Original Airdate
14 "The Limb Screen" January 5, 2019
The Limb Screen
"Mononokean ", that sends yōkai who stay in "this world" to the "Underworld ", where they should live. That Mononokean's Master, Haruitsuki Abeno , and employee, Hanae Ashiya , and a yōkai, Fuzzy , go to the Underworld at the request of Abeno's superior, Rippō. The two help Rippō with his work, but due to Ashiya's mistake, he will be delivering a document to Gyōsei, who, along Rippō, is one of the three who govern the Underworld. Is it really to the Gyōsei's―?
15 "The Tail" January 12, 2019
The Tail
Ashiya was asked by Rippō to deliver a scroll to Gyōsei. On the way to the Gyōsei's place, Ashiya comes across a yōkai that takes the form of a huge beast and runs away in fright, but he quickly discovers the yōkai is kind, contrary to its appearance. Ashiya helps the yōkai find something the yōkai lost. The yōkai offers Ashiya to ride on its back as it is incidentally also on its way to the Gyōsei's place, the Birdcage .
16 "Greetings" January 19, 2019
A yōkai named Egen comes from the Underworld to the mundane world. Egen, who dreams of "making a school in the Underworld", says she will inspect the high school of Abeno and Ashiya. Ashiya tries to help out Egen, who observes the school seriously. However, for some reason, Abeno is grumpy all the the time. Abeno was a little concerned about this visit, but Ashiya did not notice anything at all――.
17 "The Mortar" January 26, 2019
The Mortar
A simple-minded fox yōkai, Yahiko , found a cute yōkai in the mountain. Yahiko brought this yōkai home and named her "Kinako ". Kinako plays with Yahiko and gets attached with the latter. However, Kinako seems to be too weak to stay in this world, and may vanish. Yakiho, wanting to help Kinako, asks Abeno and Ashiya of the Mononokean to exorcise Kinako to the Underworld, but Kinako says "If Yahiko is not going with me to the Underworld, I won't go." but Yahiko does not wish to go the Underworld. Meanwhile, Ashiya makes a suggestion―.
18 "The Tiger" February 2, 2019
The Tiger
Fuzzy, who was accused of being a thief, was taken to White Sand Prison, the residence of Shihō, one of the top three of the Underworld, alongside Rippō and Gyōsei. Ashiya, who came with Abeno to the Underworld to defend Fuzzy's innocence, was surprised by an unexpected confrontation with Shihō's true identity.

On the other hand, Abeno was aware of the fact that another yōkai was involved in this case. It is another one of the top three, Gyōsei. The human-hating Gyōsei has a strong displeasure in the thought of a human servant of the Mononokean that is connected to the Underworld. Thus, through Gyōsei's schemes, Ashiya and Gyōsei have a confrontation.

19 "The Seedling" February 9, 2019
The Seedling
Ashiya and Abeno have been invited to participate in a camp of the school's Photography Club by Ashiya's friends, Saga and Fushimi.

After the incident with Gyōsei, Ashiya became able to sense the presence of yōkai and locate them. However, Ashiya is yet to master this new ability and Abeno plans to train him during the camp.

Although Yahiko was asked to help out in the training, a mischievous prank by Yahiko draws out another ability unknown to Ashiya―!

20 "The Dabbler" February 16, 2019
The Dabbler
Suddenly, from the Underworld, Rippō went to the Mononokean. Rippō was offended by Gyōsei's violent behavior towards Ashiya, who is an employee of the Mononokean and is under his supervision. He tries to lift Ashiya's ban from entering the Underworld and Gyōsei is willing to take a "bet". However, the concerned party, Ashiya, is hesitates at the thought of setting foot in the Underworld again……

Meanwhile, Abeno and Ashiya's classmate Zenko Fujiwara, along with her priest father, go to investigate the place where the Neighborhood Association President claims a ghost has appeared, there――?

21 "Removal" February 23, 2019
The Removal
"I want to be a human for a day, I want to join dance together at the Bon Festival"

Ashiya and Zenko bring a wishful yōkai to Abeno to help disguise her as a human so she can join and enjoy the Bon Festival. As soon as he fulfills Keshi's wishes and sends her to the Underworld, Abeno becomes exhausted and collapses.

In truth, Abeno has just finished a work he received from the Executive which he kept from Ashiya. Ashiya, who thinks Abeno did this for his sake, feels responsible and becomes concerned for Abeno.

22 "The Shadow" March 2, 2019
The Shadow
Ashiya's mother suddenly collapsed and was brought to the hospital. After being informed, Ashiya asks Abeno to bring him to the hospital. At his mother's bed, he finds a yōkai, Aranaki, who turns out to have taken possession of his mother.

Ashiya's mother's condition improves after he separates the yōkai from his mother, who gets surprised as she cannot see the yōkai. And Ashiya is surprised when his mother tells of a similar experience she had with his father, Sakae, who disappeared long ago. Meanwhile, Abeno, who overhears their conversation, senses some familiarity with the name "Sakae Ashiya"――.

23 "The Messenger" March 9, 2019
The Messenger
Abeno goes to the Underworld to find clues about Ashiya's father, but was unable to obtain definitive information. Meanwhile, the high school Ashiya and Abeno attend to holds the Cultural Festival and the two are in charge of promotion.

In the middle of the two's promotion, they meet Zenko who walks around the festival as she apparently lost sight of Yahiko who she brought with her. They catch Yahiko doing mischief.

Just when the story of Sakae was out of their minds, a new information from Yahiko is――.

24 "The Return" March 16, 2019
The Return
At the request of the yōkai Komon, Abeno and Ashiya will exorcise to the Underworld the five little bird yōkai that Komon has looked after.

However, the youngest of the five, Chungo, is still unable to fly, and will not be able to cope with the life in the Underworld, and thus Komon trains Chungo longer.

During that time, Komon falls from the bridge of the training ground. And the one who saves him was Chungo who couldn't fly. Abeno senses something odd. Why is Chungo pretending to be unable to fly―?

25 "The Cobweb" March 23, 2019
The Cobweb
After hearing from Komon that there was previously a human employee of the Mononokean, Abeno conducts an investigation. The Legislator advises that there may be some documents at the White Sand Prison. Abeno somehow manages to break into the White Sand Prison and finds the document, what he reads in it is...

On the other hand, Ashiya visits Zenko's family temple for a consultation about a yōkai. Yahiko slips that he has met "Sakae Ashiya" before――.

26 "True Intentions" March 30, 2019
True Intentions
At Zenko's request, together with Abeno, Ashiya visits a shrine where a yōkai was seen by Zenko, but suddenly a yōkai possesses him.

This yōkai, Sasa, turns out to have been sealed for a long time by a "human" with blonde hair and gold eyes who uses "Influence" that can even force powerful yōkai into submission. Sasa threatens Abeno who is very similar to the person who robbed her of her freedom. Abeno uses his Influence to restrain Ashiya's movement which further enrages Sasa.

Ashiya regains control of his mind but Abeno sees a different person with cold eyes―.

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