Norito Saga (嵯峨 (さが) 則人 (のりと) , Saga Norito) is a classmate of Hanae Ashiya and Haruitsuki Abeno.


Norito has spiky brown hair with surprised and neutral look on his face most of the time.


Not much is known about his personality, he is usually seen friendly and helpful to Hanae and Fushimi. He often hangs out with Fushimi and invites Hanae to hang out with them.

He also encouraged Hanae to find another job when he thought Hanae was unhappy with his current job.



  • According to Kiri Wazawa, Saga's name was originally "Sagano", but it was too close to "Abeno" so it just became Saga.
  • Saga tends to say "What's wrong, Ashiya?" a lot.
  • He likes looking at electronics while he dislikes bugs.
  • His best class is Math while his worst is English.
  • His favorite food is croquette while his least favorite food are locusts and snails and he has never eaten them.
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