Shizuku (シズク (しずく) , Shizuku) is a part-timer at Kiyakudo shop and is Rippō's younger sister.


Shizuku has light blue hair and eyes. Her hair is usually tied in twin tails, another ponytail at the back, and has a two hair clips on her left bang with a pink accessory. Shizuku maintains a human form but is unable to hide her newt tail.

Shizuku's concept art


Shizuku has cheerful personality, however, she gets jealous and dark when Kōra gets interested in someone else, saying that she is better. Shizuku becomes extremely happy whenever Koura compliments her. Haruitsuki stated that Shizuku is in love with Koura.



Shizuku is able to transform into a human form, excluding her tail.


As an employee at the Kiyakudo, Shizuku has an ample amount of knowledge of Underworld medicine.



Kōra is Shizuku's superior and Shizuku is in love with her. Shizuku becomes extremely happy when Kōra compliments her and gets extremely jealous when Kōra shows interest in other people, saying that she is better. She blushes when she requests her brother whether she could invite Kōra to their celebration party and becomes extremely happy when her brother agrees to do so.


Rippō is Shizuku's older brother. Rippō tends to dote on his little sister and even abuses his authority to get what she wants in a rather comedic way. He feels lonely without her even though she had visited him the day before. However, Shizuku does not hesitate to scold her brother when he puts off his work till the last minute. He also becomes serious when it concerns his sister. Haruitsuki stated that Rippō is in love with his sister.

Haruitsuki Abeno

Shizuku seems to be on good terms with Haruitsuki and calls him "Itsuki".


  • Shizuku tends to get jealous at anything that seems to be interested in Kōra and anything that Kōra seems to be interested in.
  • Shizuku's likes include Kōra and her older brother and she dislikes anything interested in Kōra.


"Praise me more, Kōra-sama" to Kōra in Chapter 8

"I'd make a much better medicine. I hope Itsuki's eyes crumble and disappear." in Chapter 8

"My ears are better than Ashiya's" in Chapter 8

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