Tatsuma Fujiwara (藤原 (ふじわら) 達磨 (たつま) , Fujiwara Tatsuma) is the father of Zenko Fujiwara and the Head Priest of Seiryuji Temple.




He was once possessed by Mitsuchigura's Laughing Mask for over a month. Even though he was under its influence, he was able to pause laughing for a moment when Zenko introduces him to Hanae.

He also gets angry when he wakes up to see Zenko crying. He accuses Hanae for making his daughter cry and nearly punches him, if not for Haruitsuki's timely intervention.


Zenko Fujiwara

Being a caring father, he looks out for Zenko and prefers to not let his own child bear the responsibility of the Seiryuji Temple. He also gets frustrated when he thought that Zenko was dating and threatens to kill Hanae if he took advantage of her.

When he becomes persistent to know why Hanae and Haruitsuki visits Zenko, Zenko sarcastically threatens that she will reveal his secret to her mother.

Hanae Ashiya

At first, he didn't get along with Hanae. Then he eventually knows that Hanae can sense spirits (when Hanae gets Yahiko off Tatsuma's back which got rid of his back pain) he accepts him. He even insists that Hanae must not allow Zenko to walk home alone at night and walk home with her, which shows that he trusts Hanae.

Haruitsuki Abeno


  • Tatsuma finds yōkai, ghosts and spirits disturbing (as he panicked when he first saw Keshi).
  • He knows the Neighborhood Association President personally.
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