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"The Ant" ( () () , Gigi) is the second episode of the anime Fukigen na Mononokean.


A new yōkai seems to have appeared and is seen possessing students of the high school. When a multitude of young yōkai of the same species appear, Ashiya and Abeno decide to find their "master."


Ashiya uses his newfound ability to help swat a yōkai away from a classmate, but finds that it was a small part of a larger swarm as they later chase him around the school. The small yōkai overpower Ashiya and take him to their leader, known only as "Big Boss Scree." Abeno opens a portal to the Underworld to exorcise the crowd of small yōkai, but closes it as he knew that the Big Boss is too large to fit through it. With Ashiya's encouragement, the Big Boss takes a small amount of poison to shrink himself until he can fit through the doorway with the rest of the Scree family. 

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in bold denote the characters' first proper/debut appearance.

Anime and Manga Differences


  • The kanji "蟻" is the character for "ant" while the kanji "犠" is the character for "sacrifice."
  • The reading for the kanji characters, "gigi," is the same sound Big Boss Scree makes when he laughs.


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