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"The Cobweb" ( (ジョ) (ウチ) , Jouchi) is the fifty-fourth chapter of the Fukigen na Mononokean manga series, written and illustrated by Kiri Wazawa.



Haruitsuki and Hanae goes to the shrine to visit Bonta. They decide to exorcise him tomorrow. Around that time, Haruitsuki senses another demon's presence other than Bonta, but he brushes it off assuming that it was just his imagination.

Just then a spider climbs on Bonta while he's sleeping, and possesses him. The next morning, Haruitsuki and Hanae discover that Bonta is not waiting at the front gate. They discover the front gate of a rear shrine, which has the crest of a cobweb.

Hanae and Fuzzy climbs the stairs while Haruitsuki waits for them to bring Bonta. An old woman named Yamaoka approaches Haruitsuki and starts a small conversation with him. When Haruitsuki says that he's waiting for his friend who's gone to the rear shrine, Yamaoka says that there is no shrine there and she can't see the stairs. Then she warns him that if he can see it, he shouldn't go there as he wouldn't be able to return. Haruitsuki thanks the old woman and waits for a moment then he goes up the stairs.

Fuzzy greets him as Hanae descends down with an unconscious Bonta. Haruitsuki tries to summon the Mononokean but it didn't come. Then they decide that they go up the stairs, just to see a rear shrine with a trapped yōkai called Sasa in it. Sasa fails to possess Haruitsuki but succeeds in possessing Hanae. He starts to control Hanae, forcing Hanae to open the door of the rear shrine to free him.

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