"The Cracked Egg" ( () (ラン) , Karan) is the forty-ninth chapter of the Fukigen na Mononokean manga series, written and illustrated by Kiri Wazawa.



Haruitsuki overhears the conversation between Hanae and his mother. He senses mild recognition in the name 'Sakae Ashiya'.

Hanae collapses after closing the flower shop. Suddenly his sister rushes out of the shop and gives him chest compressions. Hanae stops his sister from giving him CPR and as an apology for the encounter, she prepares some omelet rice for him.

As they eat, Aranaki asks Hanae to give him a taste of the omelet rice. Hanae diverts his sister's attention away from him by asking her for some ketchup. Quickly Hanae feeds Aranaki with some omelet rice. Observing that his sister didn't show any reaction to Aranaki, he confirms that neither his sister nor his mother can see yōkai.

Then Hanae asks her about his father, to which she refuses to answer because she didn't want to remember about the person who had abandoned them. Later, she apologizes for her rudeness and answers his questions. She mentions about Sakae's unusual behavior which confirms Hanae's theory.

Later, he meets Haruitsuki to report him about his discovery about Sakae. When Hanae asks him whether he knew who Sakae was, Haruitsuki admits that he does. He asks if Hanae wants to know Sakae's story, even though it isn't a happy one.

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