"The Hidden Bud" ( () (ライ) , Hirai) is the fifty-seventh chapter of the Fukigen na Mononokean manga series, written and illustrated by Kiri Wazawa.


Another day at the Mononokean with a request from Jomatsu to yet again find a way to please Princess Anmo. It is also November 2nd, the day Sakae disappeared.


The chapter begins with Ashiya having a dream (a memory of Sakae), of using his influence on a yōkai, forcefully making it disappear from existence. Suddenly he wakes up and recalls how it is a recurring dream. Jomatsu is back at the Mononokean with a request for a gift for Princess Anmo. Ashiya suggests that flowers would make a good gift for her and they head over to his family flower shop. While arranging flowers, Abeno notices that it is November 2nd, the day Sakae disappeared. Ashiya corrects him by saying that it was the day Sakae died and adds that he hasn't got the chance of telling his family, mostly not intending to do so. Abeno says that he has decided to stop his search for Sakae. The chapter ends with Ashiya suspecting if Abeno knows something about his father.

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