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"The Mortar" ( (ウス) (ツク) , Usutsuku) is the fourth episode of the anime Fukigen na Mononokean Tsuzuki and the seventeenth overall of the series.


A simple-minded fox yōkai, Yahiko, found a cute yōkai in the mountain. Yahiko brought this yōkai home and named her "Kinako". Kinako plays with Yahiko and gets attached with the latter. However, Kinako seems to be too weak to stay in this world, and may vanish. Yakiho, wanting to help Kinako, asks Abeno and Ashiya of the Mononokean to exorcise Kinako to the Underworld, but Kinako says "If Yahiko is not going with me to the Underworld, I won't go." but Yahiko does not wish to go the Underworld. Meanwhile, Ashiya makes a suggestion―.


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