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"The Purple Sun" ( () (ヨウ) , Shiyou) is the eleventh episode of the anime Fukigen na Mononokean.


Abeno and Ashiya meet a yōkai named Tomori, who is unable to see without borrowing a human's sight, specifically the capability of the sight to see yōkai. Ashiya lets Tomori to borrow his yōkai sight for a day, so that she can see the mundane world one last time before she leaves for the Underworld.


A yōkai named Okina meets the Mononokean on a rainy night. Ashiya and Abeno make him feel comfortable with tea and blankets. He informs them about a yōkai who is ready to get exorcised. Abeno makes a note of the reason why the yōkai didn't come with Okina to the Mononokean and agrees to meet and exorcise Tomori the next day.

Next morning, Tomori meets Abeno and Ashiya and tells Abeno to exorcise her as she has lived in the mundane world for a long time and wants to return to the Underworld. She mentions that she is unable to see for quite a long time and she'd regain her sight when she returns to the Underworld. Ashiya then walks towards her and asks whether she'd like to see the mundane world before she gets exorcised.

Tomori immediately says that she didn't mean to imply that but Ashiya insists her to answer the question as it was going to bother him later. Tomori then admits that she wants to see the mundane world before she leaves and Ashiya lets Tomori borrow his ability to see yōkai for a day. Tomori appreciates the beauty of the mundane world and lets Abeno exorcise her.

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