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"The Removal" ( () () , Nura) is the eighth episode of the anime Fukigen na Mononokean Tsuzuki and the twenty-first overall of the series.


"I want to be a human for a day, I want to join dance together at the Bon Festival"

Ashiya and Zenko bring a wishful yōkai to Abeno to help disguise her as a human so she can join and enjoy the Bon Festival. As soon as he fulfills Keshi's wishes and sends her to the Underworld, Abeno becomes exhausted and collapses.

In truth, Abeno has just finished a work he received from the Executive which he kept from Ashiya. Ashiya, who thinks Abeno did this for his sake, feels responsible and becomes concerned for Abeno.


Characters in Order of Appearance

Anime and Manga Differences

  • The anime skipped the first pages of Chapter 44 where Hanae discovered that Haruitsuki came from a job from the Executive before exorcising Keshi. It is unclear in the anime whether Hanae was able to find out about this or not.
  • Another skipped part in the anime was when Hanae gets the chance to split the watermelon but fails to do so as he gets tired. It was skipped to Haruitsuki’s turn of splitting the watermelon.


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