"The Secret Seed" ( (ミツ) (タネ) , Mitsutane) is the sixty-first chapter of the Fukigen na Mononokean manga series, written and illustrated by Kiri Wazawa.



The princess of the Underworld is feeling unwell. Kōra suggests her to take rest but she refuses to, condering her top priority is to defend the Underworld. She wants to protect the Underworld from the curse that's spreading.

Meanwhile, Abeno and Ashiya goes to the sea of trees in search of cursed flowers to eliminate. Abeno explains about the plague plant to Ashiya and the consequences of its existence. They find the plague plant, which has a pleasant smell. Abeno uses an antidote to eliminate it. When doing that, a yōkai spies on them.

A while later, they come across a corpse of a dead demon, which was a victim of the parasitic shrub. Before Abeno could use the antidote on it, the yōkai which had earlier spied on them, proceeds to attack him. Ashiya catches the yōkai before it could harm Abeno.

Then Abeno realises that the yōkai is against the use of the antidote on the corpse he's trying to protect. As the yōkai climbs on the corpse, a host insect possesses it by infecting its tail. Abeno quickly ties a tourniquet around the tail and treats the infection. Then he uses the antidote on the corpse, where many host insects reside in it.

Abeno and Ashiya takes the depressed yōkai with them, while Abeno confirms with himself that everything he does is for yōkai and Aoi.

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