"The Spider" ( () (チュ) , Gechu) is the fifty-fifth chapter of the Fukigen na Mononokean manga series, written and illustrated by Kiri Wazawa.


Ashiya has just been possessed by Sasa, and then ordered to kill Abeno. Before Ashiya could release Sasa, he faces danger but is helped by his father in a rather odd way.


Ashiya has been possessed by the demon named Sasa, who was trapped in the shrine. Before Ashiya could open the door of the shrine to release the yokai, Abeno tries to remove the spider with his influence but his hand was immediately seized by Ashiya. Abeno notes that the demon takes control of the mind. Even Fuzzy tries to remove the spider but the possessed Ashiya throws him away. During the struggle, Abeno is knocked down by Bonta. Sasa commands Ashiya to kill Abeno. At first, Ashiya resists and comes to his senses for a moment. Abeno notes that his will is strong since he was able to resist a strong demon. However, Ashiya begins to choke Abeno. Before losing consciousness, Abeno slaps Ashiya telling him to wake up. Ashiya finally regains his consciousness for him to wake with his hands on the neck of an unconscious Abeno. Ashiya, thinking he has killed Abeno, begins to lament just as Sakae comes to comfort him. Ashiya mistakes Sakae for Abeno. Sakae tells him that at this rate he would be killed too. Then Sakae possesses him and uses Ashiya's influence to kill the demon. Abeno watches the scene of Sakae's memory, as it appears to be Sakae who had trapped Sasa in the shrine. Abeno speaks to him before he falls asleep and thanks him for rescuing Ashiya. Abeno apologizes to an unconscious Ashiya for making him kill a demon.

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  • The kanji "下" translates "below, low, inferior" while the kanji "蛛" translates to "spider."


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