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"The Tiger" ( () () , Koi) is the fifth episode of the anime Fukigen na Mononokean Tsuzuki and the eighteenth overall of the series.


Fuzzy, who was accused of being a thief, was taken to White Sand Prison, the residence of Shihō, one of the top three of the Underworld, alongside Rippō and Gyōsei. Ashiya, who came with Abeno to the Underworld to defend Fuzzy's innocence, was surprised by an unexpected confrontation with Shihō's true identity.

On the other hand, Abeno was aware of the fact that another yōkai was involved in this case. It is another one of the top three, Gyōsei. The human-hating Gyōsei has a strong displeasure in the thought of a human servant of the Mononokean that is connected to the Underworld. Thus, through Gyōsei's schemes, Ashiya and Gyōsei have a confrontation.


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