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"True Intentions" (翻寧 (ホンネ) , Hon'ne) is the thirteenth and final episode of the anime Fukigen na Mononokean Tsuzuki and the twenty-sixth overall of the series.


At Zenko's request, together with Abeno, Ashiya visits a shrine where a yōkai was seen by Zenko, but suddenly a yōkai possesses him.

This yōkai, Sasa, turns out to have been sealed for a long time by a "human" with blonde hair and gold eyes who uses "Influence" that can even force powerful yōkai into submission. Sasa threatens Abeno who is very similar to the person who robbed her of her freedom. Abeno uses his influence to restrain Ashiya's movement which further enrages Sasa.

Ashiya regains control of his mind but Abeno sees a different person with cold eyes―.


Characters in Order of Appearance

Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the anime the events which happen at the shrine greatly differ from the manga. Instead of telling the Underworld Officials about Hanae killing a yōkai in the manga, Haruitsuki keeps quiet about Sakae's personality being inside Hanae. The part where Haruitsuki meets an old woman at the shrine was skipped.
  • In the anime Sasa is alive and gets exorcised to the Underworld along with Bonta. On the other hand, Hanae (possessed by Sakae) uses his influence to kill Sasa in the manga.
  • In the anime Sakae is shown to hate yōkai and is even willing to harm Haruitsuki who is trying to stop Sakae from making Hanae kill a yōkai. This hints that Sakae may have wanted Hanae to fear yokai or maybe even kill them. In the manga Sakae's true intentions are unclear as it was seen as just protecting his son.
  • Most of the scenarios in the anime are not included in the manga, namely Hanae finding his way out in his mindscape when Sakae possessed him, Sakae's flashback which stops him from strangling Haruitsuki, Fuzzy's background story and lifting Sasa's curse which enabled her to leave shrine and allow Haruitsuki to exorcise her.


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