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"Zenko" ( (ゼン) () , Zenko) is the third episode of the anime Fukigen na Mononokean.


Hanae Ashiya goes on his first solo job that involves recovering a mask owned by a yōkai who dropped it during his exorcism. On the job, Hanae meets a skeptical girl who accuses him of being a thief.


Abeno asks Ashiya to complete a task on his own, to retrieve the "laughing" mask of Mitsuchigura from the human world, as it has the power to make anyone laugh uncontrollably. Ashiya lands at a Buddhist shrine, where the priest literally cannot stop laughing while conscious. His daughter, Zenko, finds herself torn between taking care of her father and hating him for not trusting her with the shrine. While Ashiya helps Zenko tend to the shrine's garden, he helps her discover that the priest isn't driving her away out of hatred, but because he wants her to choose her own path in life. While Zenko cries at her father's bedside, Ashiya is able to take off the laughing mask and complete his task. 

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Anime and Manga Differences


  • The kanji "禅" is the character for "Zen, silent meditation" while the kanji "子" is the character for "child, sign of the rat, 11AM-1PM."


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