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Introduction of Zenko FujiwaraIntroduction of YahikoNobou ExorcismHanae's Sight RestorationKinako's ExorcismYōkai-Sensing Ability TrainingKeshi Exorcism


When Zenko was in middle school, she wanted to go to a Buddhist high school to help her take over her father's temple. However, her father disagreed and said that he will not leave the temple in his daughter's hands, Zenko felt upset at her father words, not truly understanding the meaning behind them.


Introduction of Zenko Fujiwara

Main Articles: The Three Faces, Zenko, The Daughter

Introduction of Yahiko

Main Articles: The Encounter, The Game, The Willfulness

Nobou Exorcism

Main Articles: The Stench, The Smoke, The Fool

Hanae's Sight Restoration

Main Articles: The Purple Sun, Floating Butterbur, The Measure

Kinako Exorcism

Main Articles: The Mortar, The Pestle

Yōkai-Sensing Ability Training

Main Articles: The Skin, The Seedling, The Dabbler

Keshi Exorcism

Main Articles: The Tremor, The Removal
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